CBI NDT  - Nondestructive Testing, Training and Consultation

Seismic upgrade using welded steel jackets for concrete columns 
Steel jacket being welded around concrete column under a bridge as a seismic upgrade 
Preapproved as an inspection company by: partial list
States of Washington, California, Alaska and Idaho. WA state DOT. 
Cities of Seattle WA, Vancouver BC.    
Industry and infrastructure project experience : partial list
Seismic upgrades - Marine construction - Husky stadium
PSNS steam plant - Museum of Flight  - Columbia Center   
Fort Lewis aviation hangar - Rail - Pipelines - Wind towers  
Paper mills - Pressure equipment - Ski lift equipment  
Hydro electric - Nuclear power plants - Shipbuilding
CBI NDT also specializes in:
Audits -  Brazing -  Composites - Cladding - Coatings
Consulting - Corrosion - Cracking problems - Distortion
Destructive testing - Dissimilar metals  -  Failure mechanisms
Fatigue - Hydrogen cracking - Hardness -Heat treating
Machining - Metrology -  Metal bond  -  Paint  -  Training   
Video recording - NDE procedures - Weld procedures - Visual 
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