CBI NDT  - Nondestructive Testing, Training and Consultation
Steel jacket being welded around concrete column under a bridge as a seismic upgrade
Seismic upgrade using welded steel jackets for concrete columns 
Clients (partial list)
State of Alaska, Ski Lifts Inc, Sound Transit, Olympic Ironworks, Alcoa,
State of Idaho, City of Yakima, Fraser Metal Works, United Ironworks
Projects and infrastructure (partial list)
Seismic upgrades - Marine construction - Husky stadium
PSNS steam plant - Museum of Flight  - Columbia Center   
Fort Lewis aviation hangar - Rail - Pipelines - Wind towers  
Paper mills - Pressure equipment - Ski lift equipment  
Hydro electric - Nuclear power plants - Shipbuilding
Other areas we specialize in
Audits -  Brazing -  Composites - Cladding - Coatings
Consulting - Corrosion - Cracking problems - Distortion
Destructive testing - Dissimilar metals  -  Failure mechanisms
Fatigue - Hydrogen cracking - Hardness -Heat treating
Machining - Metrology -  Metal bond  -  Paint  -  Training   
Video recording - NDE procedures - Weld procedures - Visual 
Call us at 425-802-3337 or email us at cblackinspection@gmail.com
for more information thank you we look forward to hearing from you..
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