CBI International  - Nondestructive Testing, Training and Consultation
                              ABOUT CBI
Since 1988 CBI International has been under the direction of
Chris Black who is a winner of the 2013 ASNT national mentoring award, an ASNT NDT level III in MT, PT and UT methods, a CWI and consultant with 35 years of inspection experience that includes a diverse background in pressure equipment, structural steel and aerospace manufacturing.                  
CBI is a provider of Nondestructive testing and inspection services to public infrastructure and industry in the western U.S., Canada and Asia specializing in welding inspections on buildings, bridges, seismic upgrades, tanks, pipelines and the pressure equipment, wind energy, nuclear power, hydro electric and  aerospace composites industries. NDT methods we specialize in are Ultrasonic pulse echo shear wave, through transmission, phased array 
and thickness. Magnetic Particle wet and dry methods, Liquid Penetrant visible and fluorescent methods, visual weld inspections and Radiographic film interpretation. Inspectors are certified by the ASNT or CGSB as NDT level II, III or as 
welding inspectors by the AWS or CWB. In addition we provide consulting, training and level III services. We are located in North Bend and Tacoma,WA USA, Vancouver,BC and Ft. McMurray, AB Canada.
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