CBI International  - Nondestructive Testing, Training and Consultation
                                             ABOUT CBI
We are a provider of Nondestructive testing and inspection services to public infrastructure and industrial projects in the western U.S., Canada and Asia specializing in bridge retrofits, tanks, pipelines and the pressure equipment, wind energy, nuclear power, hydroelectric and aerospace industries. NDE disciplines we specialize in are Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Visual methods and Radiographic film interpretation. Inspectors are certified as NDE ASNT level II, III, CGSB, AWS-CWI and CWB weld inspectors. In addition we provide consulting, auditing, training and level III services. Offices are located in North Bend and Tacoma,WA USA, Vancouver,BC and Ft. McMurray,AB Canada. We make sure that each project meets the contract specification requirements. Please consider CBI for your next project. 
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